One things the guys pointed out was the Bull Pen. This is where the pitchers warm up. It was all the way across the park from our seats, but you are able to walk everywhere at a baseball game so we took a stroll over at the top of the 7th to have a look. If i knew any players (well, pitchers i guess), it would be incredible. You are so close. 

There were loads of Red Socks fans around, apparently loads of Bostonians live out here. They were hurling abuse at the Mariners pitcher in the Pen. It was hilarious. 

Considering we thought we were getting nose bleed seats, we were stoked. We sat next to these two guys that explained the nuances of the game as it was happening. We ate loads of food, and drank beer, and had a really great evening at the ball park!

Safeco Field, Home of the Seattle Mariners. This was the first MLB game that Sue and I have ever been to. It was amazing!!!

We went to the Space Needle today. Was really cool to see such an iconic monument. While queuing up for tickets a lady came up and asked if we wanted to buy VIP tickets, we said no, we didnt want to pay more then we had to. She then came back to us 10 minutes later and said she’d give them to us for the same price as regular tickets. We took them. These tickets allowed us to skip the queue and go straight up saving us over an hour. They also came in nifty neck packs with maps and facts of the needle. 

Going to the Mariners v Red Socks tomorrow. Gonna eat loads of nachos and drink loadsa beer!

Going to the Mariners v Red Socks tomorrow. Gonna eat loads of nachos and drink loadsa beer!

Rascal Club, Vancouver Chapter (this ones for Ben Moloney!)

Rascal Club, Vancouver Chapter (this ones for Ben Moloney!)

On our walk home we took pictures of the Rain Dance Men.

This evening we decided to go for a rollerblade (I forgot to say, I got rollerblades. Second hand K2’s at $29. Steal. Thank you Sports Junkies!) along the sea wall. It was awesome, and Id say a fast way to a rad ass. Im wrecked. But it was a really beautiful evening.

There were a large group of people playing roller hockey in the hockey rink by sunset beach. It was a come and play open session kind of thing. A nice way to spend a Sunday evening.

After Breakfast, we went over to Cambie Village across the bridge to try and find me a good deal on hockey gear. Its crazy how many equipment shops there are. Kid Rory would be going nuts over here. I guess Adult Rory did go out and get fully kitted out to play Ice Hockey and is leaving before the season starts. Look at me go tho…

Sue and I decided to go for breakfast today. We went to the Elbow Room. A somewhat famous and very talked about place that is only open for breakfast and lunch “country style”. Delish.